Provide Insurance To Your Customers And Earn Up To £10,000 Per Site Per Year *

Provide Insurance To Your Customers And Earn Up To £10,000 Per Site Per Year *

All self storage companies should offer their customers insurance cover for goods in storage to boost their income, enhance their reputation and provide peace of mind for themselves and their customers.

The main obstacle that has prevented small and medium sized self storage companies from taking advantage of this lucrative market has been the complexity of setting up and selling their own insurance product. NSIP takes away the complexity and difficulties of providing insurance and dealing with claims by providing you with a simple, profitable online solution to offer to your customers.

Did you know insurance is the second highest source of turnover for UK self storage operators? **

There is a proven demand from self storage customers for insurance cover and with NSIP you can offer your customers a quality product and increase your income:

  • There are no set-up fees or commitments required from you.
  • We provide all the expertise and deal with all enquiries and claims on your behalf.

Your customers may already be buying self storage insurance...

Of course your facility is safe, but customers are trusting you with their household possessions and business goods. They may already be buying self storage insurance from independent providers so make sure they are getting reputable, trustworthy and comprehensive cover by offering your own solution:

  • Protect your reputation and their goods if the worst should happen.
  • Provide peace of mind for your customers.
  • Comprehensive cover against the main threats such as fire, theft, flood, malicious damage, vermin damage, transit cover and more.
  • Insurance policies underwritten by AWAC***, one of the world's most reputable insurance groups.
  • A product provided by NSIP, the self storage insurance experts, who are authorised and regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

How NSIP self storage insurance works...

Providing peace of mind for you and your customers could not be easier with NSIP:

  • We provide you with an insurance product to offer to your customers.
  • We set up an insurance web site for you for FREE which your customers use to purchase and manage their policies and claims.
  • You refer your customers to your insurance website page and you do not get involved with any of the day-to-day administration.
  • We handle all the payments, transactions, claims and customer queries for you.
  • You receive regular payments from us based on the value of the policies your customers purchase.

You don't have to deal with any customer queries, complaints or claims and you can stop providing NSIP insurance at anytime. With zero set-up fees, NSIP provide a no risk way to provide your customers with a quality product that complements your self storage service.

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*   Source: NSIP trial results 2014.
** Source: The Self Storage Association UK Annual Survey 2016.

*** Allied World Assurance Company (Europe) dac

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